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About me

Scan meI am a PhD student at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. My research focuses on designing and evaluating an accessible, usable and secure authentication system. The principal aim is to enhance the prospect of digital inclusion for members of society who find using established techniques difficult due to economic, physical or cognitive impairments. I am currently experimenting with the use of music as a possible solution to some of the challenges these people face.

Areas of interest

Usable security, authentication, HCI, learning and memory, accessibility, privacy, internet and e-society, sociotechnical considerations in technology design, digital divides


marcia DOT gibson AT beds DOT ac DOT uk.

Peer reviewed publications (as of, Feb 2011)

Marcia Gibson, Karen Renaud, Marc Conrad, Carsten Maple (In Press) 'Music is the key: Using our enduring memory for songs to help users log on', (Book chapter). In (Eds.) M. Gupta, J. Walp and R. Sharman, "Strategic and Practical Approaches for Information Security Governance: Technologies and Applied Solutions". IGI Global.

Marcia Gibson (2010) 'Opening the Web for All, Enhancing digital inclusion through authentication system design', (Position paper). EuroSOUPS: Workshop on the development of a European Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (24th November, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK). (download full paper)

Marcia Gibson, Marc Conrad, Carsten Maple (2010) 'Infinite Alphabet Passwords: A Unified Model for a Class of Authentication Systems'. Procs. International Conference on Security and Cryptography SECRYPT 2010 (26-28 July, Athens, Greece). pp. 94-99. SciTePress. 978-989-8425-18-8. (download preprint)

Marcia Gibson, Marc Conrad, Carsten Maple, Karen Renaud, (2010) 'Accessible and Secure? Design Constraints on Image and Sound Based Passwords', Procs. International Conference on Information Society i-Society 2010. (June 28-30 2010, London, UK), IEEE (download preprint)

Marcia Gibson, Karen Renaud, Marc Conrad, Carsten Maple, (2009) 'Musipass: Authenticating me softly with "my" song', Procs. 16th New Security Paradigms Workshop NSPW09 (8-11 Sept 2009 in Oxford, UK), pp. 85-100, ACM, New York, USA. 978-1-60558-845-2. (download REVISED version) *Original contains an error - see footnote pg. 7 for details.

Marc Conrad, Tim French, Marcia Gibson, (2006) 'A Pragmatic and Musically Pleasing Production System for Sonic Events', Procs. 10th IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation IV06 (5-7 July 2006 in London, UK), pp. 630-635, IEEE Publications 0-7695-2602-0. (download preprint).

Other work

Poster: 'Musipass authenticating me softly with "my" song', Presented at SICSA Socio Technical Systems Meeting (Sociotechnical issues in Security), 20th April 2010, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, UK (download poster (caution, large file))

Seminar talk: 'Infinite Alphabet Authentication Systems', Presented to Software engineering and Technology interest group, University of Glasgow, UK, 29th Oct 2007 (download slides (caution, large file))