Our goal is to create the web site you need. Darkspeed Web Design has extensive experience in the field of web development and we have a history of undertaking challenging projects. Whether you want a brand new site, a re-design of an existing site or maybe a more ambitious web application, we are experts in determining your needs and producing something truly outstanding.


Work Examples

May 2010: Pilot test for the Portfolio Challenge webtool, in conjunction with the Investment Property Forum and Sheffield Hallam University successfully completed.

Autumn 2009: Work starts on an exciting new Property Portfolio project.

May 2009: STARS has its offical launch at the e3i annual conference at Sheffield Hallam University

Mar 2009: Darkspeed proudly unveil their latest project, STARS. The site is designed to help higher education students and recent graduates articulate employability skills in an increasingly competitive job market.

Feb 2008: Congratulations to Antony, who was this month awarded his PhD in Mathematical modelling and Statistics. Well done Dr Antony!

Jan 2008: Antony's eagerly awaited, fully adjustable office chair with lumbar support and headrest has finally arrived at Darkspeed HQ! It is hoped that the ergonomical design and all round comfy-ness will enable hours of work, without the discomfort that can be caused by inferior seating equipment, that's good news for us, and it's good news for our clients.

Nov 2007: Darkspeed are to develop an online, multimedia, database driven, personal and professional development tool for Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the The Open University, Sheffield Hallam University, and University of Bedfordshire. Eventually, the tool will be used in higher education establishments nationally, to help students articulate personal skills and development. CETL members commented, Of all the developers spoken to, you two really took the time to listen and understand what we really want.